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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry arrears!

Over the years we have twisted the idea behind what Christmas is all about. We often tend to forget that without CHRIST there'll be no CHRISTmas. It's not about the gifts, not about what you've done or how you've done it. It's not about pleasing oneself or others but is about Christ and the celebration of His birth. Without Him we wouldn't be who or what we are today.

I thank God for this wasn't what I expected at all. If it was back home, there would have been a lot of things to do. It was boring....yeah but it was pleasant and a time to just relax. Afterall I have been yearning for some relaxation time. I woke up as early as 6 a.m cuz I had to make some fried rice for the whole fam and people who would be visiting l8r in the day. Got done went to church with Papa, Mama and siblings. The service lasted abt 2 hrs....maybe an hour 30 mins. Got done went back home and just chilled....really didn't eat that much. Pretty boi (my bf) came cuz we were supposed to go out but we ended up staying home to watch some Nigerian movies. I enjoyed every bit off it cuz I spent the day with loved ones and of course Pretty boi....I can't really remember the last time we just chilled, laffed and not bother about anything. Even if I got bored just sitting down, it was worth it. At a point in time I wanted to go out but my legs wouldn't let me. Thank God there was nothing to do cuz I would have regreted it.....not long after everyone one left, I crashed on the couch and didn't wake up till this morning when my fam had to pray. All in all I thank God for giving His one and only son to die on the cross for me cuz without Him there'll be no CHRISTmas.

p.s : I got a new fone for Christmas thanx 2 a lovely family who give from their hearts without thinking about how much it costs. It's not the blackberry but I love it anyway. At least it's better than what I had before....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I love the color!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh well........

It's been 10 days now and I have been sleep deprived.....been under a lot of stress from packing to participating in a show. But I thank God all the same.

So I finally moved out of Lady C's house last week Friday and my Mom came over to talk to Lady C's mom on Saturday. The whole time lady C's mom and my mom were having a conversation, I was laffing.....not because it was funny but cuz lady C's mom just doesn't understand that God has blessed my family on everyside (from the food we eat to the clothes we put on). I thought the conversation was gonna last for abt two hours but it lasted for 45mins. My mom didn't even waste time cuz she already knows the type of person lady C's mom is. Everything went well and I'm glad I'm out of there.

Later on that day, I had to participate in a fashion show so everything I had to do was time conscious. I was so tired but I couldn't even lay my head to take a quick nap. Of course my Mom was there to support being that it was a private viewing for parents. I was looking hot as always.....of course I had to anyways if not no one would wanna buy the designers clothes. All the models were on point.....I don't know what modeling skills I have but I guess they saw something in me. Everything went well, we got done early and that's when I noticed that my fone had gone MIA.....I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I asked everyone that was there if they found it but I was told that the guy who was helping out with the lights found a silver fone outside....the description definitely matched that of my fone. I then remembered that somthing fell off while I was getting out of the car. I don't know why the guy left with the least he could have made an announcement over the mic but I guess he had other means for it. My Mom on the other hand was pissed cuz she culdn't understand why he culdn't give the fone to one of the co-ordinators. Things happen for a reason.....So now I'm foneless but I'm kinda liking it tho.

God bless y'all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

......I so thought I was gonna fail.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel like screaming. I am so totally done and I thank God. Exams are finally over all I can do is look back and say it was all to the glory of God cuz I don't know how I did it.

I took a look at my grades about 3 days ago and to my surprise I did well in my Calc class. For me, having a C is considered as a failing grade and whenever I get B's I get mad at myself or the professor. But for this class, I was so happy I got a B and now I can have a very merry xmas. I no fit shout!

Although it's short but I had to post it anyways.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

............don't have a title yet.

It's been a year and a couple of weeks now since I've been with this family. One of my close friend's family....not best friend cuz I don't believe in them......

It was August 2005 and I didn't know what was gonna happen I hadn't gotten any accommodation for school....School is about 3 hrs away from home and since I don't drive, I would have to live on campus. But then I couldn't afford to stay off campus, talk less of staying on campus. I spoke to my Pastor and he did some runs and I ended up with these two Nigerian ladies....Aunt F who was about 30 and Aunt M who was about 26. Me being the type of person that can't trust people, I ended up leaving dat place due to some crazy a$$ sturvz....nothing serious sha.
I decide to go on a search for apartments and I just couldn't afford paying the rent for however long I was gonna be there for. To cut this long story short I sha ended up staying with this Ghanaian chick for a while.....mind you I don't get along with Ghanaian girls like dat cuz they love drama (talking from experience). The plan was that we would split the bill in half but the fact that her name was on the lease basically meant that she owned the apartment. She was leaving home for the weekend one day and she was like "Lisa while I'm gone, I will appreciate it if none of ur friends come to visit you." Ahn ahn are you freaking kidding me...I went nuts and I was like wtf do u mean by dat? How many people do I know and what gave you the right to say that? She explained herself but I wasn't paying attention bcuz I was furious. I felt so uncomfortable and I decided to leave. Before I left I told lady C (gurlfriend whose family I stay with presently) about every thing that happened and she spoke to her mom about me. Let me attempt to describe lady C's mom to you.....She's strict and so closed minded. Whatever she says to her kids is final....mind you she has 6 kid and the oldest is about 24. She feels that everything in this country is bad. She doesn't let her kids do anything fun....they can't go to the movies, they can't go out to eat or do anything that keeps them happy. All she wants them to do is go to school and come back home. They weren't allowed to watch TV until a couple of months ago......I thank God for the mother I have and I won't trade her for anything in the world. Well I was suprised and had to ask Lady C if she was sure about what her mom said. I sha moved in.....this was last year, to be precise last week in October. Every time my Mom calls to speak with Lady C's parents, they always have good reports so I don't know where I went wrong or what I did.

I got home at about 11:30pm on Monday and I went into the house, saw Lady C's mom on the couch I greeted her and she said "the gate was locked" and I was like yes but I have the keys to the gate and I was able to lock it back. She went on to say dat she wanted the key for security reasons and that she doesn't know why lady C would give me the keys without asking for permission. I was dumbfounded, didn't know how to respond so I just took out my stuff from the bunch of keys and I gave it to her. I went into my room and I called my mum to tell her what happened and she just encouraged me saying that I should keep praying for Lady C's mom since I knew the type of person she was. As if that wasn't enough, I got home yesterday and decide to prepare some jollof rice and stew for myself. As I was cooking lady C came into the kitchen and I told her what her mom did and she responded saying she knew cuz she spoke to her mom about it. She went on to say that her mom did it for security reasons and that her mom didn't like the fact that people dropped me off at the house (precisely guys), and that I come home late. I laughed and told lady C that the only reason I come home late from school is cuz of my homework and the fact that my laptop isn't me lady C knows this. Her mom went on to say that she doesn't understand how I can buy stuff for myself knowing quite well that it's only my dad that has a egbami, see me see trouble! What in the world is this lady smoking? She also said that I should start looking for a place of my own cuz she needs to prepare the basement for her son and his wife (she'll be coming all the way from Naija....don't know when tho). I couldn't cry.....I just kept laughing cuz I didn't know what else to do. I sha called my mom, told her everything and she was like I should start looking for an apartment.....I shouldn't worry about anything. I love my mom cuz she's so different. She was like she doesn't understand why Lady C's mom has to be like that and that she should stop being to over protective of her kids. If a child is gonna get spoilt he or she will regarldless of what a parent does....lady C's mom doesn't understand that.

I tell my mom everything but I can't tell lady C's mom anything.....which is expected. Lady C's mom doesn't know who I hang out with cuz she doesn't wanna know. The one about guys dropping me off and picking me off....I don't know where she got that from. She's totally lost it! Only three people drop me off and they are all ladies but how would she know that? At this point I am fed up and I feel I'ld lose lady C only cuz of her mom. I was pissed but right now I can't show any emotions. I don't know how I feel. I have something to say to lady C's mom....which I will say before I leave that house.Trust me God has always made a way and he will make another one. So right now I'm searching for a place and I pray God directs me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to reality

Happy belated thanxgiving.....I sure have missed blogs ville. Didn't really know how long I had been outta here until Miss Toluwa woke me up from my slumber.
Been so busy with's crunch time and finals are in less than 2 weeks so I'm putting in the extra effort to ensure that I get at least B's in my classes. I began this semester with no motivation whatsoever and my Calculus class is the only class that I'm so unsure about....never missed classes without any valid reason except for this semester.....there were days where I'ld just miss my Calc class just because I didn't wanna be in there, so if I don't do well I'll understand, blame myself for not putting in so much hard work.....and then blame the silly professor for the way he teaches.

Okay so I have goals and a student, girlfriend, lover, daughter, sister, friend, christian, name it. My ultimate is to be a medical doctor.....yeah and to make HEAVEN. Right now I'm finding it so hard to make a decision on what major I want. As of now I'm a Biology major but lately, I've been having this urge to switch to Psychology.....prayed about it and I haven't gotten an answer. While I was home for thanxgiving, I told my Aunt about it and she said she was disappointed....don't know why but she said something like it gets harder as I get higher, told my Dad and he was cool about it....not told my Mom yet but I'm guessing she wouldn't mind. I mean I know I am going to med school. All I want is a major I can get excited about.....Biology is exciting only when cells are involved. The one reason why I thought about psychology was because I took an intro to psych class last semester and I so fell in love with the professor was really down to earth and he made it fun. So I need help making a solid decision cuz I only have 3 semesters...kpere!...before I get into med school. The earlier, the better!

BTW....I THINK I'M IN LOVE.....:-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I will never do this again......never!

It's nothing alarming but it deserves this title. Wat a night!
I don't know why I can't tired as hell but I can't seem to find sleep. As a matter of fact I should be studying but I need motivation and make things worse I went to one of the wackiest parties ever thrown by Africans (definitely not Nigerian.....not Ghanaian either)

Basically this is what happened earlier......
I was invited to this house party by a girl (Lady D) and guy (S) that I know.....they were both celebrating their birthdays and I guess they wanted to share it with "friends". But anyway sha I decided to go at the last minute.....not because I wanted to but there was really nothing happening anywhere else.
Before tonight even came into existence, I spoke to one of my Ghanaian homies (Mr. A) asking him to please come so dat I could at least have fun.....boy was I was nothing close to fun.
........So I called up lady D (one of the celebrants) on Friday and we talked for a while telling her that I wasn't gonna take the bus or train and she said she was gonna tell Mr. A to pick me up on his way to the party. Apparently she didn't tell Mr. A . Anyways I called Mr A. and we agreed on what time he should pick me up....didn't wanna get there too early or too late.
On our way to the house party we had to pick up Mr. A's right-hand man (Rap-0o)......I love being around this guys tho cuz they make me laff.....back to my topic......we got there about 9:45pm and it was supposed to start at about 7:30pm. I said hello to the people that mattered, got something to eat and I had something to drink......this was the only thing I had fun doing.
The music was DJ. These foolish, idiotic animals started smoking.......this one turned me off straight up.....this was really a good time to get up and leave but then I was looking forward to a song that I could dance to.....and then these wack ass dudes got drunk, started acting up like they were in pre-school. I was pissed as hell cuz one of 'em had the guts to touch Mr. A was pissed and Rap-oo got pissed also ( he was even on the verge of punching one of the drunk idiots). We got our cue to leave earlier on but I just wanted to dance (at least) and probably say it was fun. Never and I repeat never will I go to anything that is organized by these so called african peeps......wack ass mofos who think they can put something together. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehn Nigerians are the best....period! I rest my case!

My thoughts are freaking all over the place so bear with me......but dats cuz I'm tired. Lisa GO TO SLEEP!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama as President?

Can't believe my ears, eyes, mouth, nose and everything else. I don't know if I'm still in shock or if it's just so hard to believe. I can remember when this campaign started.....I said to myself "It's just a waste of time, a president will get selected and not elected"....oh boy was I wrong. Although I couldn't vote but I was for him all the way......
Being a person who hates politics and everything it's got to offer....I'm surprised that I lasted this long and still want to do more just so Barack Hussein Obama's stay in office will be worth it. I started this semester not wanting to be a part of this whole election but I just had to help out because of the excitement. Deep down in my heart I wanted him to win but I couldn't say that to students on campus because I was part of a NON-Partisan campaign.
Never knew I was gonna cry....I shouted, tears streamed down my eyes and I was just so happy when I saw these words "President-elect Barack Obama." I called my brother up and said yo Obama has won the battle. He chuckled and said na lie, and I was like turn on the TV and see it for yourself.....the tears had not started yet.....all I heard was a scream and he was like I'll speak to you in the morning. I haven't heard from my parents neither have I heard from my beloved sister. Although I called her up before the results and she said that Popsi was at work, Mumsi was watching Nigerian movies....Ahn! Ahn! sister on the other hand really wasn't paying attention to the news. I guess now I know I wasn't the only one in my Family who wanted Barack to win.
Trust me the excitement is still in the air but what's the next strategy? What can we do to ensure that he is safe? What part can we play as Africans, African-Americans, Native-Americans, Hispanics....Latinos, Asians, Caucasians.....however u wanna call or describe yourself? All I know is that as long as I get my citizenship....then no yawa.
It's a dream come true.....You can be anything you want to be regardless.....yes the United states has her first African-American NO MORE EXCUSES!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Where do I begin?
Don't know and I can't say but reality is I need a lot of help right now. I've been questioning my relationship with this guy lately. Not because he's not doing what he's supposed to but I feel like I'm being lied to. I don't know why but I'm going with my instincts on this one. I mean we've been together for two years now and I feel we've moved past a lot of crap that's come our way. I'm happy being with him....don't get me wrong....but it seems that there are certain people who know that we are together and there are certain people who don't....most especially his so called girlfriends. I don't think I'm a jealous girlfriend......all I want is for us to be able to do our thing without people putting their own jara here and there.

I'm so heated up right now cuz of some stupid a$$ shit. I don't know what I can do or what I wanna do about it.....I think I'll just go to sleep and deal with it tomorrow when I'm on my way to school. Okay so tell me why I took a trip to go visit my dearly beloved boyfriend and he then decides to go out to party while I'm's one of those frat parties and he so loves them.....Trust me I don't mind him going to the party but it would have made better sense if we went there together......the thing is since I don't have shola-shola, it's had to go out to the clubs and have as much fun as I can......well this party requires that you have a state ID and's not like I'm gonna be drinking or anything but then since I don't have a state ID they won't let me me I 'm not underage, I'm over 20......but u know this country has some stupid laws that just make you wanna become president someday..... as if that ever gonna happen....I CANNOT GO sha thats all I'm tryna say......I have classes in the morning anyways. Still I'm pissed off as fcuk.

Earlier on sha dude and I had an arguement over him going and how he didn't tell me about the whole party until the day he came to pick me up......but he claims that he told me a day b4 and I said it was cool.....I don't remember him telling me anything like that until I saw him. Besides if he had told me we would have known what to do about it. Oh well he's gone out sha and I'm here listening to songs on

I've been in this organization since this semester began and I'm really liking it so far. Obama better win cuz then my hard work will definitely pay off. I'm glad cuz I've meet new pple and we are pretty much on the same comes first tho.....we are supposed to be participating in an event to celebrate halloween....not necessarily celebrate it but we need to come up with some fun activities for the kids that are gonna be participating in it. Hopefully everything goes well!

Enough for now but I have more stuff to talk about, I'll save it for next time......btw I think I feel better.....not a lot better......just better.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TRUST.....wat does it mean?

Really wat is the meaning of trust?
I've asked myself this question over and over again and I can't seem to find my answer.
It's troubling....I've had sleepless nights trynna find an answer to wat trust means to me...
Don't seem to understand y I have to trust someone to do stuff for me before it can be done.
Where do we draw the line and what do we do to help bring back da trust we once had for someone who hurt us real bad?
Still searching for an answer to this question and when I do I'll be happy to understand the meaning and depth of this word "TRUST"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's been long over due

No word but holy 

thats what I will say
If I were asked today
to convey who you are
No word but holy
if I had to choose
one word describing you
I'ld use no word but holy

I love to worship you (4x)

I bless the name of the Lord for where I've been, where I am presently, and where He's taking me to. These past few weeks have been so trying and at a point in time I gave up....but really that's what the Devil wants you to give up and neglect God. But God in His infinite mercies called me back to Him.....I am His child and He is my father and that's why He's still holding on to me. 

Just as Psalm 23 says....the Lord is definitely my Shepherd. In the midst of all these hassles, tribulations, circumstances and wateva word I can use to describe it, He has proven himself to be true and faithful, time and time again. I just can't thank Him enough. About two months ago my dad was taking me to work......cuz I don't drive.....being fearful is not a good thing at all.....well back to my randomness....on our way to my destination the brakes on his car failed and at that moment I thought it was going to be over. I was scared and didn't know what to do or say....I really don't know how it happened but God saved us because what would have happened would have been so fatal. God didn't let us down. Immediately after the whole thing I texted my sister saying "I thought this only happened in the movies, never knew it could happen to me. I thought I was gonna die." When I told my mom about what happened, the first thing she said was "couldn't you shout J-E-S-U-S" I looked at her and just smiled cuz at that moment in time I was still in total shock.

As if that wasn't enough, a couple of weeks back....after the first dad and I got into an accident.....again....we were on our way to the greyhound bus station cuz I had to be at school for an event the next day. Immediately it happened I called my sister and all I could do was cry....I was just so tired of everything. She calmed me down and she was like "this is not the time for tears jst begin to pray"....this is my younger sister if I may add. The cops came along and wat dad's car was towed and around that time I looked at my father and I knew there was something wrong. He didn't look so well and I panicked, went over to him and asked if he was okay and all he could say was that he was feeling sick....mind you this is the man who was feeling so well when we left the house that morning. Everything that happened at this time happened so I held him by the waist, I just felt him slumping down. I began to scream for help and immediately, tears rolled down my eyes....I couldn't control it. The foolish cops in their cars just watched me if I was going crazy. I was so scared and I kept saying "my dad cannot die, it's not yet time." After about 7 mins one of the cops got out of his car. The paramedics came and he was taken to the hospital. They found nothing wrong with him, which was a good sign. The only thing was that his blood pressure was extremely low and it's usually high. 

I just thank God cuz it's only by His grace we survived that day. For the month of June and July....Lord I thank you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Am I weird or wat?

Very new to this pls excuse me cuz I really do not know wat I am doing. I just need to vent out my frustrations, happiness, joy and wateva emotions or news I have. Someone out there may be feeling the way I feel......who knows?

This summer really hasn't been the best for me. It started off great but right now I feel the need to stay away from everything....including the ones that claim to love me. I don't know why my life's been this way.....I cry over da littlest things....I've tried so hard to stay strong in everything I do but I really can't. People say pray and ask God for help and guidance.....but how long do I really want to do that for. I know I should be thankful to God and all but at this point I'm like I really do not care about God. I know it's wrong of me to think that way  but dats how I feel presently.

Just thot I could share this with someone.
God bless!

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