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Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank you Lord for the year 2008

It all started in January and I must say that month went by so fast. It wasn't because I was better than anyone but it was due to God's infinite love, faithfulness and mercy that I made it through the year 2008.

February came....the month for lovers and it dawned on me that Jesus was and is still the Lover of my soul.

I thank God for March because it gave me the urge to trample upon my enemies......thanks to Psalm 91.

The month of April crept in on me and this was the end of the first quarter for the year 2008.

I really bless the name of the Lord for the month of May. The month in which God used my parents to bring me into this world and I must say "May babies are the best babies".....hehehehehe Plus my Mummy was born in may too.....oooooooooooooooh I'm so blessed! It made me reflect on my journey so far and made me understand that I was put on this earth for a valuable reason.

The month's of June, July and August (my sister was born on this month) got here so fast that I didn't realize it until the Devil decided to play his stupid pranks on me and my family. Men these month's were trying times, I got discouraged and at a point in time said the only thing I regreted was ever knowing God.....I know I shouldn't have said this but that's how I felt. I cried so many times and asked God if he could even hear my prayers but you know what he proved himself yet again as he had done in the past.

To God be the glory for September.....I was happy to know that I had made it through 9 months and I was still alive, breathing, eating.....even if I don't do that often......basically doing things that most people couldn't do.

October got here, following it was November and I was like whoa! When did this year even begin? And of course I began anticipating how the the year was gonna end.

Finally December got here......I must also add that my Daddy and brother both share this month.

This year was great and at the same time a stepping stone for breakthrough. The Devil tried a lot of people I know but you know what God will never ever give you any load that you cannot handle. God will never tempt you, He'll only give you a test. I so bless the name of the Lord because 2008 was definitely my year of Harvest. My sister on the other hand didn't know how she was gonna pay for school for the next quarter but you know what on the 31st of December she got a check for $1000 dollars.....this was what she actually needed. On the other hand I have an Aunt who needed to pay off a debt of $50,000.....she got a call from her uncle who said she should check her bank account because he was gonna deposit a sum of $50,000 dollars as her birthday gift (this was the week of Christmas if I must add). God is not done working on your behalf, if and when God wants to work he will, he doesn't need anybody.....His glory He will never share with any man. God is good and his mercies endureth forever. I have decided to let go of somethings for 2009. It's gonna be hard but with God all things are possible.

Happy New year to each and everyone of you. My prayer is that God's perfect purpose will come to pass in our lives. Can I get an amen somebody?......AMEN!

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