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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to reality

Happy belated thanxgiving.....I sure have missed blogs ville. Didn't really know how long I had been outta here until Miss Toluwa woke me up from my slumber.
Been so busy with's crunch time and finals are in less than 2 weeks so I'm putting in the extra effort to ensure that I get at least B's in my classes. I began this semester with no motivation whatsoever and my Calculus class is the only class that I'm so unsure about....never missed classes without any valid reason except for this semester.....there were days where I'ld just miss my Calc class just because I didn't wanna be in there, so if I don't do well I'll understand, blame myself for not putting in so much hard work.....and then blame the silly professor for the way he teaches.

Okay so I have goals and a student, girlfriend, lover, daughter, sister, friend, christian, name it. My ultimate is to be a medical doctor.....yeah and to make HEAVEN. Right now I'm finding it so hard to make a decision on what major I want. As of now I'm a Biology major but lately, I've been having this urge to switch to Psychology.....prayed about it and I haven't gotten an answer. While I was home for thanxgiving, I told my Aunt about it and she said she was disappointed....don't know why but she said something like it gets harder as I get higher, told my Dad and he was cool about it....not told my Mom yet but I'm guessing she wouldn't mind. I mean I know I am going to med school. All I want is a major I can get excited about.....Biology is exciting only when cells are involved. The one reason why I thought about psychology was because I took an intro to psych class last semester and I so fell in love with the professor was really down to earth and he made it fun. So I need help making a solid decision cuz I only have 3 semesters...kpere!...before I get into med school. The earlier, the better!

BTW....I THINK I'M IN LOVE.....:-)

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