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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I had a dream.....

I had mentioned in one of my posts about how I filled out an application to join one of the prominent sororities and how I didn't get accepted. I was starting to get used to the fact that I didn't get in, and the fact that I won't get to do everything that I had already envisioned. I felt all excited when one of the Naija girls in school called me aside and told me that she was thinking of starting a sorority on our campus. I was really happy when she brought it up cuz I've been thinking about that but I just didn't know how to go about it. I asked her what her reasons were about starting one and she explained that all we'll have to do is to start a chapter on our campus and it's gonna be an African sorority that had already been founded a couple of years ago. All that we'll need is to fill out an application and have at least 5 members at least.I just told her to send me the link and I will take a look at it and find out their goals or what they were about. Up until to day I haven't gotten anything from her. I started off with this because I believe it sort of has a link to my dream.

I usually get on this conference line called youth alive, it starts about 10:30 and we don't get done until about midnight. Yesterday was really great because people gave testimonies and I couldn't help but worship God for who He is. I went to bed after taking pain killers cuz my head was banging due to lack of sleep the night before. And I had a dream.....In this dream, I was in a car and all of a sudden I found myself in a parking lot with a girl in my school that I don't talk to in anyway, form or shape. Of course I see her almost everyday at school but I didn't get to know her by name until I realized that she also wanted to be in the same sorority that I applied for. As if that wasn't weird enough, I was talking to her about how God works in mysterious ways and I believe that there was a very good reason why I didn't get picked. I also explained to her that God wanted to do something great in her life that's why she was picked in the first place but was dropped as she was about to pay her fees (due to some back stabbing so-called friend who was jealous and told the sorors (the girls who were making the cut) something about this girl....I'll call her Miss M. So Miss M offered to drop me off back at school cuz she had already taken up my time. As we approached the car, I realized that she wasn't gonna be the one driving. I hopped in the back seat and noticed that Miss E was in the back seat also (Miss E is the Treasurer of an organization I'm part of...I must also add that she's gay). As Miss M sat in the passengers seat, I looked and noticed that it wasn't Miss M anymore, it was Miss B (who is the president of my organization, and Miss E's partner). I didn't feel strange in anyway and the guy who was driving was one of the girl's Dad. The guy had dreads that looked so unkempt and nasty looking....I'll call him DGW (Dreads Gone Wrong). DGW decided to drop me off but first he wanted to stop by at home to get some stuff. As he was driving the scene changed and I noticed that we were in a village-like setting. We kept driving and DGW told us that we were about getting to the shrine were the Native Dr. stayed and that we have to be as quiet as ever. As we drove past the shrine I could see some red cloths and some white stuff hanging from the entrance of the shrine. And that's when Miss B laughed...she laughed so loud that DGW had to drive faster than he was cuz this guy from nowhere started chasing after us. The guy was yelling and screaming at us, claimed that we wouldn't be let back into the town and Miss B laughing signified that she was mocking the Native Dr. DGW immediately told us to duck, meanwhile I was praying silently. I was scared cuz I didn't know what was gonna happen next. At long last we got to DGW's house, we went in and he got what we wanted to get. As we were about leaving so that I could be dropped off, we noticed that the people that were outside started running back into their homes. We asked what was going on and we were told that the native dr. was going around, into people's homes to talk to each family cuz of what happened earlier. We went in and I just laid on the floor as if I was sleeping but I was praying. The native dr finally got to DGW's home and immediately he walked in, he said that there were two foreigners in there and they had to leave because they weren't a part of what he was about to talk about. I still pretended as if I was sleeping and that's when someone tapped me and said I should get out. I was asked to get out through the window. I quickly got up and jumped out. As I was jumping down, I saw some people who were fighting. I don't know what they were fighting about but then a boy (between the ages of 7-9) was shoved into my arms. He was crying and coughing at the same time. I moved to a place where there was less chaos and I noticed that I wasn't holding a boy anymore.....the boy became a girl. As I was standing with the girl, a group of people passed by me. They were crying, waiting on the native dr. to come out so that he could heal the girl they were holding. I was still holding unto the girl that was with me, suddenly a bunch of people came up to me, asked the girl to open up her mouth and they pulled out a long stick. Right away the girl fell from my hands and I walked away.

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