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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I will never do this again......never!

It's nothing alarming but it deserves this title. Wat a night!
I don't know why I can't tired as hell but I can't seem to find sleep. As a matter of fact I should be studying but I need motivation and make things worse I went to one of the wackiest parties ever thrown by Africans (definitely not Nigerian.....not Ghanaian either)

Basically this is what happened earlier......
I was invited to this house party by a girl (Lady D) and guy (S) that I know.....they were both celebrating their birthdays and I guess they wanted to share it with "friends". But anyway sha I decided to go at the last minute.....not because I wanted to but there was really nothing happening anywhere else.
Before tonight even came into existence, I spoke to one of my Ghanaian homies (Mr. A) asking him to please come so dat I could at least have fun.....boy was I was nothing close to fun.
........So I called up lady D (one of the celebrants) on Friday and we talked for a while telling her that I wasn't gonna take the bus or train and she said she was gonna tell Mr. A to pick me up on his way to the party. Apparently she didn't tell Mr. A . Anyways I called Mr A. and we agreed on what time he should pick me up....didn't wanna get there too early or too late.
On our way to the house party we had to pick up Mr. A's right-hand man (Rap-0o)......I love being around this guys tho cuz they make me laff.....back to my topic......we got there about 9:45pm and it was supposed to start at about 7:30pm. I said hello to the people that mattered, got something to eat and I had something to drink......this was the only thing I had fun doing.
The music was DJ. These foolish, idiotic animals started smoking.......this one turned me off straight up.....this was really a good time to get up and leave but then I was looking forward to a song that I could dance to.....and then these wack ass dudes got drunk, started acting up like they were in pre-school. I was pissed as hell cuz one of 'em had the guts to touch Mr. A was pissed and Rap-oo got pissed also ( he was even on the verge of punching one of the drunk idiots). We got our cue to leave earlier on but I just wanted to dance (at least) and probably say it was fun. Never and I repeat never will I go to anything that is organized by these so called african peeps......wack ass mofos who think they can put something together. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehn Nigerians are the best....period! I rest my case!

My thoughts are freaking all over the place so bear with me......but dats cuz I'm tired. Lisa GO TO SLEEP!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama as President?

Can't believe my ears, eyes, mouth, nose and everything else. I don't know if I'm still in shock or if it's just so hard to believe. I can remember when this campaign started.....I said to myself "It's just a waste of time, a president will get selected and not elected"....oh boy was I wrong. Although I couldn't vote but I was for him all the way......
Being a person who hates politics and everything it's got to offer....I'm surprised that I lasted this long and still want to do more just so Barack Hussein Obama's stay in office will be worth it. I started this semester not wanting to be a part of this whole election but I just had to help out because of the excitement. Deep down in my heart I wanted him to win but I couldn't say that to students on campus because I was part of a NON-Partisan campaign.
Never knew I was gonna cry....I shouted, tears streamed down my eyes and I was just so happy when I saw these words "President-elect Barack Obama." I called my brother up and said yo Obama has won the battle. He chuckled and said na lie, and I was like turn on the TV and see it for yourself.....the tears had not started yet.....all I heard was a scream and he was like I'll speak to you in the morning. I haven't heard from my parents neither have I heard from my beloved sister. Although I called her up before the results and she said that Popsi was at work, Mumsi was watching Nigerian movies....Ahn! Ahn! sister on the other hand really wasn't paying attention to the news. I guess now I know I wasn't the only one in my Family who wanted Barack to win.
Trust me the excitement is still in the air but what's the next strategy? What can we do to ensure that he is safe? What part can we play as Africans, African-Americans, Native-Americans, Hispanics....Latinos, Asians, Caucasians.....however u wanna call or describe yourself? All I know is that as long as I get my citizenship....then no yawa.
It's a dream come true.....You can be anything you want to be regardless.....yes the United states has her first African-American NO MORE EXCUSES!

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