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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry arrears!

Over the years we have twisted the idea behind what Christmas is all about. We often tend to forget that without CHRIST there'll be no CHRISTmas. It's not about the gifts, not about what you've done or how you've done it. It's not about pleasing oneself or others but is about Christ and the celebration of His birth. Without Him we wouldn't be who or what we are today.

I thank God for this wasn't what I expected at all. If it was back home, there would have been a lot of things to do. It was boring....yeah but it was pleasant and a time to just relax. Afterall I have been yearning for some relaxation time. I woke up as early as 6 a.m cuz I had to make some fried rice for the whole fam and people who would be visiting l8r in the day. Got done went to church with Papa, Mama and siblings. The service lasted abt 2 hrs....maybe an hour 30 mins. Got done went back home and just chilled....really didn't eat that much. Pretty boi (my bf) came cuz we were supposed to go out but we ended up staying home to watch some Nigerian movies. I enjoyed every bit off it cuz I spent the day with loved ones and of course Pretty boi....I can't really remember the last time we just chilled, laffed and not bother about anything. Even if I got bored just sitting down, it was worth it. At a point in time I wanted to go out but my legs wouldn't let me. Thank God there was nothing to do cuz I would have regreted it.....not long after everyone one left, I crashed on the couch and didn't wake up till this morning when my fam had to pray. All in all I thank God for giving His one and only son to die on the cross for me cuz without Him there'll be no CHRISTmas.

p.s : I got a new fone for Christmas thanx 2 a lovely family who give from their hearts without thinking about how much it costs. It's not the blackberry but I love it anyway. At least it's better than what I had before....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I love the color!

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