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Friday, April 17, 2009

A whole bunch of here and theres

This week is almost over and I'm so blessed to be alive. I thank God for my family, Pretty boi *smiles*, my friends, enemies and well wishers.

With that being said I'll be in Chi-town this weekend for one type of leadership conference like that. Although I have an exam on Monday but I think I need this trip cuz it's gonna be worth it. I'll think about my exam when I get back.

I've been extra happy lately and I think I know why but hey I can't help it. My body has been doing me gis-gis....I think my hormones are fighting one type of war. They just can't help it!

May God deliver me from yeye friends....those that won't help me move forward. At this point I'm thinking about going solo. Girls have issues, I'm on the verge on almost hating girls. Got to find out that one of the girls lied to me but you know what that's life. I spoke to my mom and Pretty boi about it and they said exactly the same thing. Most of my guyfriends on the other hand like me and I don't want that at all. Not in the mood to deal with all their bs. I'm tired mehn! One of the reasons why I love my guy friends is cuz they are easier to handle when it comes to wahala and I have the most fun with my girlfriends. I don't know what to do oooooo. GOD HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLP ME!

My mum's the best! I love her to death. I wanna cry just talking about her but I can't cuz peeps are watching. I told her about a month ago that I liked Pretty boi and that she should pray about it. I didn't say who exactly he was tho. I mean she knows that Pretty boi and I have been friends since 2004 but I never told her that we've been dating for more than 2yrs now. You know how parents get you bring a guy to introduce him as ur boyfriend. Well sha she called me yesterday asking about where this guy was from and I told her I wasn't sure cuz I didn't want her to immediately know who it was. She gave me this lecture about how I need to know his background and that she's hoping he's not from Ogun State....Ijebu to be precise. I started cracking up when she said "you know they can be stingy." She went on to say may an Ondo boy would be good cuz they can take care of their ladies. In my head I'm like where is she getting all this info from? My mom's lovely what can I say? Then she went to ask about where Pretty boi's parents were from and I should let her know as soon as I find out. I wanted to ask why Pretty boi? Why couldn't it be any of my other guy Elongated or Shake & that's when it struck me....I think she knows it's Pretty boi I'm talking about.

I gats to bounce...have to be in class in some few seconds. Have a blessed weekend peeps. I love you but God loves you most.

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