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Friday, March 6, 2009


I'll start by apologizing first cuz I have been so inconsistent with keeping everyone informed on how I have been I am very sorry. With that Being said, I have an update on where I am residing at presently. God is so good cuz everytime I need a place to stay He provides one without being hesitant. I had two options while looking for a place to stay and of course God helped me in making my decision as to who I wanted to stay with. Everything's been good so far, I get along with my roomie very well.....she's quite older than I am but it's all good. She's wonderful and I hope God helps me with this one. Once again I don't pay rent and I keep wondering how God keeps bringing free rent my way. I'm not complaining cuz it sure is a blessing.

School's been hectic, papers to write, exams to take, friends to hang out with and much more. I met this new Ghananian far so good. I'll be home this weekend for the first time since school's all good tho. Apart from school being hectic, it's been fun also cuz I've been quite involed on campus and I don't feel homesick and that's a very big plus. Thinking about joining a sorority and I've been asking for God's guidance cuz I've heard a lot of stuff. Anyhow sha I will be inconsistent in keeping up with writing and commenting on peeps posts and I hope I don't miss too much.

So Pretty boi made a visit down to my school last week friday and I wasn't expecting it but he called me that morning to say he was on his way and of course I couldn't say no. We talked for a long time and I ended up not going to class cuz of that. But I guess we aren't on a break anymore....I dunno but he wants things to be better than they used for me I'm trying to stay on top of this game as much as I can. He said that I was pretty much enjoying the break while he was sick and trying to understand why I had issues with him the night before we went on a break. I won't lie or try to front, I enjoyed it very much cuz I've drawn closer to my Maker. All the same I thank God for everything and I thank God for blogsville.

Thank God it's friday! I love you all.....muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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