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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

............don't have a title yet.

It's been a year and a couple of weeks now since I've been with this family. One of my close friend's family....not best friend cuz I don't believe in them......

It was August 2005 and I didn't know what was gonna happen I hadn't gotten any accommodation for school....School is about 3 hrs away from home and since I don't drive, I would have to live on campus. But then I couldn't afford to stay off campus, talk less of staying on campus. I spoke to my Pastor and he did some runs and I ended up with these two Nigerian ladies....Aunt F who was about 30 and Aunt M who was about 26. Me being the type of person that can't trust people, I ended up leaving dat place due to some crazy a$$ sturvz....nothing serious sha.
I decide to go on a search for apartments and I just couldn't afford paying the rent for however long I was gonna be there for. To cut this long story short I sha ended up staying with this Ghanaian chick for a while.....mind you I don't get along with Ghanaian girls like dat cuz they love drama (talking from experience). The plan was that we would split the bill in half but the fact that her name was on the lease basically meant that she owned the apartment. She was leaving home for the weekend one day and she was like "Lisa while I'm gone, I will appreciate it if none of ur friends come to visit you." Ahn ahn are you freaking kidding me...I went nuts and I was like wtf do u mean by dat? How many people do I know and what gave you the right to say that? She explained herself but I wasn't paying attention bcuz I was furious. I felt so uncomfortable and I decided to leave. Before I left I told lady C (gurlfriend whose family I stay with presently) about every thing that happened and she spoke to her mom about me. Let me attempt to describe lady C's mom to you.....She's strict and so closed minded. Whatever she says to her kids is final....mind you she has 6 kid and the oldest is about 24. She feels that everything in this country is bad. She doesn't let her kids do anything fun....they can't go to the movies, they can't go out to eat or do anything that keeps them happy. All she wants them to do is go to school and come back home. They weren't allowed to watch TV until a couple of months ago......I thank God for the mother I have and I won't trade her for anything in the world. Well I was suprised and had to ask Lady C if she was sure about what her mom said. I sha moved in.....this was last year, to be precise last week in October. Every time my Mom calls to speak with Lady C's parents, they always have good reports so I don't know where I went wrong or what I did.

I got home at about 11:30pm on Monday and I went into the house, saw Lady C's mom on the couch I greeted her and she said "the gate was locked" and I was like yes but I have the keys to the gate and I was able to lock it back. She went on to say dat she wanted the key for security reasons and that she doesn't know why lady C would give me the keys without asking for permission. I was dumbfounded, didn't know how to respond so I just took out my stuff from the bunch of keys and I gave it to her. I went into my room and I called my mum to tell her what happened and she just encouraged me saying that I should keep praying for Lady C's mom since I knew the type of person she was. As if that wasn't enough, I got home yesterday and decide to prepare some jollof rice and stew for myself. As I was cooking lady C came into the kitchen and I told her what her mom did and she responded saying she knew cuz she spoke to her mom about it. She went on to say that her mom did it for security reasons and that her mom didn't like the fact that people dropped me off at the house (precisely guys), and that I come home late. I laughed and told lady C that the only reason I come home late from school is cuz of my homework and the fact that my laptop isn't me lady C knows this. Her mom went on to say that she doesn't understand how I can buy stuff for myself knowing quite well that it's only my dad that has a egbami, see me see trouble! What in the world is this lady smoking? She also said that I should start looking for a place of my own cuz she needs to prepare the basement for her son and his wife (she'll be coming all the way from Naija....don't know when tho). I couldn't cry.....I just kept laughing cuz I didn't know what else to do. I sha called my mom, told her everything and she was like I should start looking for an apartment.....I shouldn't worry about anything. I love my mom cuz she's so different. She was like she doesn't understand why Lady C's mom has to be like that and that she should stop being to over protective of her kids. If a child is gonna get spoilt he or she will regarldless of what a parent does....lady C's mom doesn't understand that.

I tell my mom everything but I can't tell lady C's mom anything.....which is expected. Lady C's mom doesn't know who I hang out with cuz she doesn't wanna know. The one about guys dropping me off and picking me off....I don't know where she got that from. She's totally lost it! Only three people drop me off and they are all ladies but how would she know that? At this point I am fed up and I feel I'ld lose lady C only cuz of her mom. I was pissed but right now I can't show any emotions. I don't know how I feel. I have something to say to lady C's mom....which I will say before I leave that house.Trust me God has always made a way and he will make another one. So right now I'm searching for a place and I pray God directs me.

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