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Friday, April 24, 2009

I had a dream......conclusion part

......I walked away not looking back. I walked towards the home from which I had just come out of. As I watched everything going on around me, I noticed that I had some wet cloth in my hand. It had so much water in it and so I had to squeeze the water out. As I was doing this, a lady walked up to me and said that I shouldn't do it at the entrance of the home to prevent mosquitoes from flooding their home. I moved away from the entrance and went to spread the cloth so it could dry. While doing this, an older lady in the form of Lady C's mom (my friend's mom with whom I was staying with a while back...blogged about them 4 months ago) saw me and said thank you so much, may God bless you. I don't know what she was thanking me for but I responded saying that it was all to God's glory and that she could count on me to help at any time. She also advised me to be very watchful, careful and that I should be prayerful cuz there's always evil lurking around the corner......and that's when I woke up.

.......I woke up and prayed but usually I'll go back to sleep. I couldn't cuz the dream kept replaying in my mind. Mind you this was about 5:50am. Immediately reached for my fone. I picked it up and noticed that someone called from a private number and left a voicemail. I listened to my voicemail and it scared me. The person who called didn't leave a message instead I heard a yell and some background noise (kinda like a chain saw used for cutting down trees) and some nonsense syllables. That was it! I called my sister but she was studying for her exam and so I had to call my mum. I told her about my dream and she said she was gonna call me back cuz she was still on her prayerline and they were praying for everyone's kids.

My mum called back and she basically said that I shouldn't commit to any other organizations. She also said that I should cancel all notions about joining a sorority cuz on paper they'll make it seem real good but you never know what it entails until you finally get in. I must admit that she's right cuz even when I heard a bunch of stories about what they do to you sometimes, I refused to pay attention. In my head I just said it will be like me going to boarding school all over again and being in the hands of people who want to make life hell for you....even if they claim it humbles you. She prayed for me and said that whoever God has put in my hands to help out, may God give me everything I'll need to help them out. She went on to say that when she told the peeps on her prayerline, one of the ladies said that everything that the enemy is trying to use to lure me has been broken and that I've gotten my victory. I'm glad to have a mother who prays fervently.

I told Pretty boi about it and he told me that I shouldn't be scared about the voicemail cuz one of our friends tried calling me but couldn't get to me. He also said that the reason why it must have showed up as private was cuz he was back in Naija. So with that being said I had a very pleasant day. I thank God for the dream and whenever I remember a dream He's tryna tell me something. So my Prayer is that I'm sensitive to what He wants to show me and what He's preparing me for.

Have great weekend!

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